The DDA’s Goals and Objectives are short term, long term and often far reaching, planning for change as far as 20 years into the future. Every year, the DDA reviews where it has been, what it has accomplished, what projects need work, and what new projects need to get added to the list. Starting in 2019, each year’s progress will be documented in an Activity Recap report that you can find on our website!

Check out what we’ve been up to in this Activity Recap for FY22.

Our Mission: Work together to drive, deliver, and advance the great downtown Ferndale experience.

Our Vision: A lively downtown with a mixture of uses that supports our community at all times of the day that is sustainable and forward-thinking.

Our Core Values:

  • Fun – maintain a positive attitude is our key to success
  • Accountable – stay engaged and transparent in all undertakings
  • Open-Minded – different ideas, thoughts, and people energize us
  • Inclusive – we are welcoming and progressive
  • Connectors – we believe in establishing and maintaining a relationship with our collaborative partners

Key Initiatives:

  • Branding & Communication – establish the value of the DDA in the community through regular communication with multiple touch points throughout the year.
  • Business Resource – bring awareness of programs supporting both new and existing businesses that we facilitate with our partners.
  • Value of the Downtown Experience – execute projects that enhance the user experience while visiting our downtown.
  • Volunteer Base – grow our base of engaged volunteers with the right ‘system’ in place for recruitment and outreach (If you are interested in volunteering, click on the ‘volunteer’ link at the top of this page!)
  • Plan Focused and Data Driven – effective use of systems to drive focus for planning and analysis and keep plans up to date