The Ferndale PATIO Zone lets you… Pay and Take It Outside! 😉

Grab a drink in an official Ferndale PATIO Zone cup and stroll around downtown. You can shop in PATIO Zone friendly businesses with your drink in hand, or just relax and enjoy Downtown Ferndale vibes. Please drink responsibly.
PATIO Zones open all week long from 10am-10pm. After that you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here with a PATIO Zone drink. 😉

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where can you grab a drink?
where can you walk?
house rules

Participating or interested businesses – CLICK HERE FOR INFO

PATIO Zones are simple…

Buy a beverage (beer, wine, or cocktails) from any participating business in an official PATIO Zone cup

Stay in the PATIO Zone

Avoid a party foul by following the house rules

participating businesses

where can you walk?

If you see a sign like this… back it up.
See, we told you it was simple.

follow the PATIO Zone rules y’all

still unsure? Skroove explains it in exactly 1 minute.

PATIO Zone Sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors, helping to lift up Ferndale’s small businesses as they recover from the pandemic.

LIV Cannabis has made a generous donation to ensure that PATIO Zone cups stay free to all participating businesses for the 2022 season. Thank you for supporting our locally owned and operated bars and restaurants.

Woodward Movement created a free platform for all participating businesses to easily purchase their supplies. Contact Woodward Movement today to elevate your brand design, merchandise, and delivery.

info for participating businesses

  • Ordering Supplies:
    Cups are now ordered directly from the Ferndale DDA. An online form will be published soon, but for now email [email protected] to order cups.
    – As of April 2023, cup supplies are running low. The max order of cups until further notice is 250 cups.
    Businesses no longer need to purchase customized stickers. Every PATIO Zone drink must have a sticker with the business name afixed at time of sale, but that sticker is now at the discretion of each business to design and purchase.
  • PATIO Zone participant poster
  • Retail posters (PATIO Zone friendly/Not friendly)
  • Map of Social District and list of qualifying licensees (updated August 2022)
  • Training Video (Not yet updated to August 2022 district updates. Updated video coming soon.)
  • Ordering supplies:
    STICKERS: As of April 2023, all businesses can now use any sticker of their preference to designate their business as the seller of a PATIO Zone drink. The sticker must prominently display the business name, logo, or both!

    CUPS: PATIO Zone cups will be ordered and picked up from the Ferndale DDA office located in Ferndale City Hall. A scheduled time will be coordinated for pickup. Cups have been free to date, but a fee may be charged in the future to offset the cost.

    To order cups, please email Sommer Realy s at [email protected]. For the current time, we can give out quantities of 500-1000 cups. A form  will be created soon, but email works for now.

interested in joining?

program manager

Ferndale Downtown Development Authority
[email protected]