Grab a drink in an official Ferndale PATIO Zone cup and stroll around downtown.

more info…

participating businesses

Announcing the Ferndale PATIO Zones where you can… Pay and Take It Outside! It’s a great way to support our local bars and restaurants and stay socially distanced.

PATIO Zones are simple…

  1. Buy a beverage (beer, wine, or cocktails) from any participating business in an official PATIO Zone cup
  2. Stay in the zone where you bought the drink
  3. Avoid a party foul by following the rules

Still unsure? Skroove explains it in exactly 1 minute.

participating businesses

where can you walk?

west PATIO Zone map

east PATIO Zone map

follow the PATIO Zone rules y’all

If you see a sign like this… back it up.
See, we told you it was simple.


Thank you to our generous sponsors, helping to lift up Ferndale’s small businesses as they recover from the pandemic.