Effective Monday, March 16 through Sunday, April 5

To support our business community, the City of Ferndale announces has expanded 30-minute Quick Zone parking in all municipal lots  and on street parking spaces for delivery and pickup orders.

In an effort to support social distancing and control the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, State and County health officials have called for closure of eat-in food and drink services and recommended that people visit public spaces sparingly. To make it easy for customers to visit businesses for quick services (ordering merchandise online and picking up; ordering food carryout or delivery), the City announced that the front row of all municipal parking lots can be used for free 30-minute parking.

If you plan to park for longer than 30 minutes, please use the ParkFerndale app for touchless payment and park in the rear rows. This allows more members of our community – some of whom may be from vulnerable populations – to get what they need quickly and safely.

If you have questions, please contact Republic Parking at 248-546-2525 ext. 125.