Due to several issues with many of the grant and loan applications received through Oakland County’s Small Business Stabilization Fund, all applicants who have already submitted to the program must re-submit by noon on Monday, April 6. We apologize for the inconvenience. 




Does the new form have different questions?
The questions on the online form are identical to the original application.  Please use your original submission as a guide – and pay close attention to areas where you may have omitted information on your initial application. Note: the original form was a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. The new online form launched on Thursday, April 2.

Do I need to reapply if I already applied?

If I do not reapply will my original application be considered?

Can I use the same profit / loss statements already submitted?
No – They must be reattached / uploaded with your new application.

What is a “High Impact Corridor”?
If your business is located on a main road that is predominantly made up of commercial, office or industrial businesses, you should select high impact corridor.

What are the Grant / Loan Deadlines / Target Dates?


April 6:  (Deadline at Noon) to apply
April 8:  (Target) District Meetings Convene – Application distributed to respective districts
April 10: (Target) Districts communicate their recommendations to their EDCA representatives
April 13-14 (Target) Successful recipients notified and sent grant agreement from the county
April 15-16 (Target) Grant agreements returned by recipients back to the county
April 15-17 (Target) Non successful recipients notified by the county


April 6 (Deadline at Noon) to apply
April 8th (Target) Loans reviewed at the county
April 10th (Target) Round 1 Loans forwarded from the county to MEDC for review
April 14-15 (Target) Round 2 of loans forwarded to MEDC for review (Businesses that applied for grant, didn’t get one, and indicated they want to be considered for a loan.