Downtown Ferndale continues to be a leading edge community and THE comeback downtown of the new millennium. Primarily driven by the ingenious and creative resources of small business entrepreneurs, Downtown Ferndale is home to more than 350 businesses that are a diverse collection of retail, dining, entertainment, and business offerings.

The Ferndale Downtown Development Authority is the economic redevelopment engine for the district and is charged with helping new businesses start up and existing businesses survive and grow. Whether it is finding the right location or locating the proper forms and permits, connecting with the DDA at 300 E. Nine Mile Rd. is your best first step toward success.

In 2014, eighteen new businesses opened in Downtown Ferndale and another two business owners relocated, grew their space and/or added another business.  Over 16,000 sq.ft. of new retail space was built and several businesses recently rehabbed their facade to showcase their presence.  On Nine Mile Road, strong foot traffic, convenient parking and savvy business owners generate an ambiance of success that materializes as enduring businesses and low vacancy rates. The west end of the Nine Mile underwent a completely new facelift and streetscape project in 2013, and now features new wide sidewalks, on-street vehicle and bike parking, bike sharrows and landscaping that enlivens the environment. This year, the east end of Nine Mile will undergo similar improvements of connectivity and walkability.

Over the past decade, Downtown Ferndale has experienced enviable success. Its infrastructure of geographic desirability, access to public transit, historic buildings and attractive streetscapes is the backdrop for aggressive DDA programs that spur economic growth and business development. An openminded, even handed approach to prospective entrepreneurs has attracted a diverse mix of business types and a strong base of customers that each serve.

Centrally located in Metro Detroit and situated at the heart of the City of Ferndale, the downtown is a walkable, bikeable destination for the city’s 20,000 residents who embrace the district as their hometown. Through its goals and objectives and other planning actions, the DDA works to ensure that the shopping district remains responsive to the needs of its most loyal stakeholders while continuously reaching out to expand its market and attract new customers.

The DDA reinvests in the district via its BUILD incentive program and district services, and in so doing, paves the way for public and private investments. In 2014, investments totaled $7.6 million. The DDA shares its message with potential business owners and its target market by advertising its strengths and assets and being the subject of conversations on a variety of social media sights, positioning Downtown Ferndale as the place to be for shopping, dining, entertaining, investing and connecting.

Connect with the Ferndale DDA and get the hand you need to step into the best business climate in metro-Detroit, Downtown Ferndale. Access our Forms, Resources and Permit Center.