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Redevelopment of the West Troy Street surface parking lot is designated as a priority Land-Use goal in the City of Ferndale’s 2017 Master Land Use Plan. The design for the development will increase the number of parking spaces from 138 to approximately 400 and will also include street level retail, upper level office space, a consolidated trash compaction and collection area and a residential development along Allen Road. Other aspects of the project include redevelopment of the public alley, a public plaza, a special events plaza and redevelopment of Troy Street where adjacent to the project.

The City and Downtown Development Authority (DDA) gathered local business owners and other stakeholders through a series of meetings to discuss the location of the structure. Numerous factors were considered including parking data indicating peak demands for parking in all city lots, the location, underlying environmental conditions based on testing, and potential to not only meet the current need for additional parking but to also accommodate for future potential development. Additionally, the City has reviewed impact to the local businesses and residents such as the height of the structure, traffic and access to the site, and noise and lighting. The overall impact of the project will deliver a more pedestrian friendly and engaging downtown experience without negatively impacting the neighboring homes.

Consideration of all of these factors help assure the City is pursuing the most cost-effective option with the greatest return on investment to support the development. Implementing a mixed-use approach represents a vision for providing a lively, friendly downtown space by promoting density, walkability and support for a variety of shops, offices, and housing for the community.

The structure is estimated to cost approximately $28 million and will be supported through a combination of parking revenue funds, DDA Tax Increment Financing, private development, and grants through the state.


  • More investment in downtown Ferndale to help businesses grow
  • Design that welcomes visitors, guests, and friends to our city and our downtown
  • More parking for customers
  • Green building designs and landscaping installations, improving the look and walkability of the intersection
  • Designed to be a safe, quiet, non-obtrusive element in the West Troy/Allen neighborhood.
  • More residential and office space for daytime users in our downtown
  • Reuse of an existing site to create efficient space for future development
  • An identifiable space in downtown with a special events plaza

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