In its inaugural year the “Artist in You” project produced by the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce and Ferndale Schools is part of ART Town – the exhibit, an outdoor art collection coordinated by the Ferndale DDA.  Thirty-two students, from 10th to 12th grade, entered artwork for the competition, under the guidance of Ferndale High School art teacher Jerry Lemenu.  The result is an interesting and growing collection of public art and private art that is available for public viewing.  The student works are part of the colorful and prominent works by seasoned artists that included murals, sculptures, benches and more, that contribute to the vibrant landscape of Ferndale.  This project is truly an example of collaboration in our great and fabulous Ferndale.  We would like to thank our building sponsors for making this project a reality!!


Artist’s Name: Chloe Walimaa
Business Sponsor:  Rust Belt Market
Title of Work: “Untitled”
Ink and watercolor

Short Bio:  I have been creating art since I can remember, it was always a passion I had. In the future I plan on continuing my art and possibly have some sort of art career, whether it’s drawing, photography, directing etc. Making art is a lot of fun, it gives a sense of accomplishment. It also releases a lot of stress, I am able to get what i’m feeling out on paper. The mandalas I do are almost like a meditation within themselves. I’ve always enjoyed art, I grew up with a lot of inspiration from my parents as well as musicians, directors, and other artists.

Insight: My art piece was basically inspired by an image popping into my head and then me putting it onto paper. I spend a lot of time making precise and detailed designs, so the piece represents who I am.


Artist’s Name: Trenton Miles Carson
Business Sponsor:  Level One Bank / Community Arts Gallery
Title of Work:   Inside Out
Medium: Soft led pencil, Archival Ink, Chalk Pastel

Short Bio:  I’ve been involved with art since I was in 4th grade, and have continued and improved my practices till this very day. Art is a way for the artist to escape, and to create what they desire.  The things i draw, may not always be real, but they are fun to look at, and they were fun for me to draw. I would like to be either a cartoonist, movie director, actor, or movie editor.

Insight: My inspiration for this piece was to show people what goes on in my mind.  I am sometime, not always, a soft spoken person and I thought making this piece would display the type of person I am.  The type of artist I am.  The artist in me.


Artist’s Name: Tiffani Nicole Ray
Business Sponsor: Blumz & The Ferndale DDA


Artist’s Name: Emily Bellaver
Business Sponsor: Emory
Title of work: untitled
Medium: oil on board
Short Bio:  I’ve always loved to draw and paint ever since was little. I plan to attend art school after I graduate high school and earn a degree in character design and animation. I love to draw because I feel like I’m putting a piece of myself as something for people to relate to.

Insight: Whether you’re just looking, or you are really investigating, I hope everyone takes something from my piece.


Artist’s Name: Espacia Fotiu
Business Sponsor: Ferndale City Hall
Title of work: Structure of Being
Medium: markers and ink

Short BioI’ve been creating art for about 12 years. I would like to travel around the world and be in art shows. I like the challenge of creating.


Artist’s Name: Owen Zabor
Business Sponsor:  Biggby